More than fifteen years of design and development on different platforms and frameworks with strong emphasis on:
  • Web development on Node.js with express 4, MongoDB and Mongoose
  • DevOps with Ansible 2.x
  • Web and application development on Python 2.x and 3.x, including django
  • Web and application development on .NET Framework in C#, including ASP.NET Core 2
  • Haskell development
  • Client side development with HTML 5, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery
  • Database development with SQL Server, MySQL. NoSQL database with MongoDB
  • Linux administration and development in C
  • Micro-controller development on PIC16 and PIC32 and Atmel AT91SAM7 in C
Technology Details
Languages/Frameworks Node.js, Ansible, C#, Haskell, C, python 2.x, XML, HTML/CSS and JavaScript
Operating SystemsLinux, MacOS and Windows
Database SystemsSQL Server, MySQL, MongoDB, Entity Framework, SSIS
NetworkingTCP/IP, Websockets
Misc. Building Automation, Financial software, Micro-controller development

Work experience, Dallas, TX. December 2014 – Current

VP of Architecture on CMS is a content management system developed from the ground up to be extensible and fast.

  • Server Architecture on AWS.
  • Backend development in Node.js and MongoDB
  • Scalability and high availability.

Environment: Node.js, Ansible, Mongodb, AWS

PLVConsulting, Miami, FL. January 2009 – December 2014

Founder. Software Development company specialized in software and web development.

The main projects I worked on:

  • Web development in Node.js and Express.js.
  • Web development using ASP.NET and ASP.NET MVC 4
  • Client side development using HTML5/CSS, JavaScript and jQuery
  • Database development on SQL Server, MySQL and MongoDB
  • Application Development using Python 2.x with some Django
  • Application Development on NodeJs 0.10x
  • Microcontroller development on Microchip PIC and Atmel AT91SAM7

Environment:Node.js, Mongodb, .NET Framework, Python 2.x, Haskell WAI, Azure and AWS

CTech, Fort Lauderdale, FL. January 2006 – December 2008

Lead Software architect and Enterprise application developer for a company providing Building automation services.

Lead Software/Architect

Designed, developed an enterprise solution for building management. This software is used in one of the largest university in USA.

  • Manage a remote team of 5 developers, 2 based in India and 3 on site.
  • Database architecture, stored procedure, extended procedure, Broker, Notification services, Reporting on SQL Server 2005.
  • Middle tier design and development, strongly multithreaded application used to get point’s values. The middle tier is able to pool 150 buildings and manage more than 30 000 points.
  • Developed Obix driver (ver.1) in C#.

Environment: Windows 2003 Server 64bits, Visual Studio 2005 with .NET 2.0 and .NET 3.5, SQL Server 2005, building automation.

MT, Miami, FL. June – Dec. 2005

Software Development Company providing interoperability solutions between .NET and Java.

Software Architect/Engineer

Designed, developed and maintained a C# client for JMS Server. This software is used in large scale system where interoperability between Java and .NET is necessary.

  • Leading role in the development of AMQ4NET software, a JMS client for the .NET platform.
  • Developed the core of the product, unit-testing code with NUnit.
  • Documentation and support.

Environment: Windows 2k, .Net Framework 1.1, ActiveMQ 3.0, multi-threaded programming, network programming with both Java and C#.


GBS, Miami, FL. Dec. 2003 – June 2005

Software Development Company providing IT consulting services.

Software Architect/Engineer

Designed, developed and maintained VB.Net and C# applications around accounting for a large financial client in the Miami area.

  • Development of a financial suite tools based on QuickBooks 2004.
  • Development of a solution for importing and exporting data from Proclose.
  • Development of a .NET library for ACH, using C#.
  • Unit-Testing with NUnit, support.
  • Network administration on Linux RH9, firewall with IPTables, mail server with QMail, and DNS.

Environment: Windows 2k, .Net Framework 1.1, Linux, QuickBooks, Proclose, Crystal Report, ACH.

Hera Interactive, Paris, France. Jan. 2002 – Aug. 2003

International financial company providing consulting on financial markets.

Software Engineer as Contractor.

Designed and developed EasyChart, a client server solution for stock technical analysis. This software is used in stock marketplace by traders to analyze, and make recommendations about stock market.

  • Development of the front applet (Java 2) to display chart, trends and indicators.
  • Designed and developed back-end logic using EJB (session, CMP 2.0 and servlet) using JBoss v3.
  • Integration of GLTrade real-time data feed API.
  • Tests and support.

Environment: Java 2, Windows 2000, SQL Server 2000, Jboss 3.1, IE 6.0 with Plug-in Java 1.4.1.

Gosmart, Marseille, France. Jan. 2000 – Dec. 2002

Start-up providing solutions around smart card and security.

Security Consultant.

  • Network security and web authentication with smart card, Gemsafe products specialist.
  • Certification authority deployment for very large organizations.
  • VPN deployment in large Lan and Wan.
  • Design and development of smart card solutions using Java and C++.

Environment: smart card, PKI, Windows 2k, Java, C++.

Marfret, Marseille, France. Feb. 1998 – Jan. 2000

International container shipping company.

Network and System Administrator.

Network and system administration based in the head office in Marseille.

  • Administration of Lan/wan (200 workstations), with proxy,

Web server (IIS), Firewall (Checkpoint).

  • Designed and developed various client-server software for data synchronisation between different remote sites.
  • Software tests and validation.

Environment: NT4, SQL Server 7, Java, VB6, RMI, CORBA,C/C++.

Miditest, Marseille, France. une 1996 – Dec. 1997

Miditest is a company providing non-destructive controls for large industries.

C/C++ Developer.

Developed an application for a robot to retrieve and store measurement done on a pipeline for petrochemical industry.

  • Development of the interface.
  • Development of the acquisition module, retrieving data from the serial port.

Environment: Windows 3.1, C/C++.


Master of Computer Science. CNAM France. 1999


Native speaker in French. Fluent in both Spanish and English.