Hi there.

My name is Patrice Le Vexier, I am a freelance software developer with 15 years of experience in software and website development.

Here is a quick summary of my skills. You can find more details in my resume.

- 6 years of experience in ASP.NET MVC, Javascript, jQuery, HTML and CSS
- Client/Server development in .NET, WPF and Winforms
- Database development with SQL Server, including 2012, SSIS and SSRS
- 10 years of experience in Linux administration and some development in C.
- 4 years of experience in Python development with some Django.
- Cloud development with AWS (Amazon Web Service) and Windows Azure.
- Strong experience in security, encryption, website security and cloud.
- 2+ years of experience programming Microchip PIC and Atmel AT91SAM7 in C.

I’m based in Tavernier, in the Florida Keys (Eastern Time). I can work remotely on your projects, alone, or with my team of developers.

Feel free to contact me here to discuss about your project.